Forget the cats... it's Alpaca time!

Colorful Squishy Alpaca

Squishy and Colorful Alpaca

Cute and colorful, stress release pal that will always be with you! Forget the cats, dogs, fish...whatever - Alpaca is new crazy and we can see why!

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Three key points - why alpaca?

  • Unbelievable new trend!

    There were always cats, dogs and other pets... but nobody expected such popularity for Alpacas!

  • Cute and lovable!

    Kids just love llamas and Alpacas are the supercharged, supercute and superloved ones!

  • Set the new want

    One Alpaca appears in neighbourhood and everyone just wants the same (how surprising)!

How many Alpacas left in store?

Number of Alpacas that found new home

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